IRS TV Distribution Amplifier - Extracts 10 TV Signals from IRS System Line Powered. EV5-110A

Stock Code: 124242

The EV5-110A IRS Terrestrial amplifier is designed to be co-located with dSCR and Legacy switches so that extra terrestrial points can be provided in the apartment. This can negate the use of Distribution amplifiers in the apartment. With minimal insertion loss up to a total of four switches / amplifiers can be cascaded together.  10dB Gain on all 10 Terrestrial outputs  Colour coded inputs / outputs  Insertion Loss Sat <1dB, Terr <4dB  Through Current 1 Amp per leg  Fully screened die-cast housing to reject interference  Factory fitted earth bars  75 Ohm switched Termination  Enables easy distribution and balance of signals

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