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Vision Products (Europe) Ltd is a 100% British owned and operated company providing technical support and exclusive and innovative products to the Satellite and TV installation trade. Over 11 million homes and buildings in the UK are using Vision products and over 4 million IRS points have been installed using Vision products in the UK alone.

Founded in 1998 and becoming a Limited Company in February 2004, we were innovators in a number of areas. We were the first UK company to offer f connectors on our aerials and masthead amplifiers, now an industry standard. We developed the Vision Gold range of masthead products, utilising semiconductors from the mobile phone industry. These were introduced along with other innovations not seen before, to provide ultra low noise products with unrivalled performance, enabling clear reception in poor signal areas where this was almost impossible before.

We introduced our stealth range of high performance aerial arrays, utilising phased array techniques that again, enabled reception of TV signals, previously impossible. Later innovations include our patented stub tuned aerial range that inherently reject interference from cell phone transmissions without the need for external electronics. This results in interference-free TV reception at minimum cost and maximum reliability.

Our Vision V5 range of IRS products revolutionised the shared dish (IRS) market in 1998, enabling viewers to share one satellite dish and one aerial. The system was used for as few as four viewers, up to thousands. We introduced a colour coding system to reduce installation errors that is now an industry standard. Our power-from-anywhere systems made planning complex installations simplicity itself and has now been imitated by other manufacturers.

This evolved into the low power, higher performance system, the EV5 range that was compatible with the older V5 products. Our dSCR range is the lowest power product on the market and can be operated without the need for a local power supply at all. Our No Landlord supply products for both IRS and dSCR have solved the problem of powering systems only from the subscribers location, when no landlord supply is available.

We are experts in shared dish communal systems and have our own exclusive EV5 range of UK products, designed to provide digital satellite TV, Digital terrestrial TV and digital radio services through just one cable to a subscriber.

With the introduction of Sky Q, we extended the EV5 range to include a system called dSCR, enabling a Sky Q receiver to record multiple channels simultaneously whilst still delivering terrestrial TV and Digital Radio down just one cable.

Our range of products have expanded over the years and we have added two specialist brands. OPTIMA products provide a low cost, high value solution for installers working in areas that require quality installation products at lower prices. They include high performance aerials, amplifiers, galvanised metalwork to mount TV and Satellite equipment to walls, chimneys, flat roofs and other harsh outdoor environments. Bulk connectors, fixings and other consumables are also included in the range.

MULTI-MEDIA SOLUTIONS MMS offer top quality certified HDMI leads, HMI extenders with IR control to enable HD a d 4k products to be viewed and controlled remotely and HDMI switches to enable multiple devices to be connected to one projector, TV etc without the need to connect and reconnect cables.

Today Vision continue to innovate and support the UK installation trade, offering top quality products top professionals that need products that will perform year in year out, reliably and at a competitive cost. That's why VISION is the number one choice for professionals throughout the UK.

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