V5 Apartment Amplifier adds 4 TV points from IRS Cable EV5-104A

Stock Code: 124735

This unique product takes one or two drop cables from an IRS switch and extracts the TV and Radio signals for four additional locations. Ideal for an apartment with one main TV/satellite location, but need to have TV in 4 other locations. Very low cost solution to a problem that has been almost impossible to solve without using numerous components plugged together.

Name File Name
124735 EV5-104A 13-06-19 124735 EV5-104A 13-06-19.pdf
124735 EV5-104A 17-09-19 124735 EV5-104A 17-09-19.pdf
124735 EV5-104A v1 27-06-19 124735 EV5-104A v1 27-06-19.pdf

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