16 Element Yagi Aerial in Polythene Bag V12-16FAK

Stock Code: 123936

The Vision V12-16FAK is a very high performance aerial that has been built for simple, quick installations using a “no-tools” construction with large thumb-nuts for the mast-clamp.

Featuring high gain and superior directivity with a large reflector and low wind-loading. Performance is enhanced thanks to the exclusive Vision Supermatch Balun.

This aerial has excellent front/back ratio and directivity with excellent impulse noise reduction. The mast clamp is designed to fit 25-50mm (1” to 2”) masts and the 18mm boom adds rigidity and long service life.

This version of the high gain V12-16FAK Aerial has been tuned for channels 21-48 and is designed for low to medium signal areas whilst rejecting 5G-LTE mobile phone transmissions.

Name File Name
123936 V12-16FAK Aerial 5G700 5dB Division 123936 V12-16FAK Aerial 5G700 5dB Division.pdf
123936 V12-16FAK 10P Aerial 5G700 5dB Division 123936 V12-16FAK 10P Aerial 5G700 5dB Division.pdf

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