Sky Eye Visionlink™ V55-002

Stock Code: 117034

The Vision TV Link is designed to be used with Sky and Sky+ set top boxes (STB). It allows a Sky STB to be viewed and controlled from a remote location on a TV with an analogue tuner. Often used in Kitchens and bedrooms, this is a great alternative to a second STB and subscription.

By connecting the remote location to the RF2 connector on the rear of the STB via a TV coax cable, the Vision Link sits between this cable and the TV aerial input on the remote TV. With RF2 power switched on on the STB, the Vision Link LED will glow red, indicating a good connection and the correct power settings on the STB.

Once the remote TV is tuned in and the Sky picture and sound is observed, the Vision Link will respond to the Sky remote control as if it were next to the STB. All functions including record and playback can be accessed as normal.

The Vision Link has a number of features not found in similar devices, such as an IR filter on the pickup to improve operation in brightly lit rooms. The connection is via an F type connector that provide a more reliable and secure connection to the incoming coax cable. The short cable to the TV is a much higher quality than others, for better quality picture and sound.

The IR pickup is smaller and less obtrusive than others, making it easy to locate on a modern flat screen TV.

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