VISION 28 Element STUB TUNED Aerial Log in Polythene Bag V10-L28FT

Model: V10-L28FT PB10

Stock Code: 124174

The Vision V10-L28F is a very high quality 28 element Log-Periodic aerial with our patented STUB tuning technology, not found on other brands. By utilising RF mechanical stub tuning, this aerial has an inherent interference filtering capability that is far superior to others, without the need for additional electronic filters bolted to the side of the aerial. It eliminates the signal through-loss caused by external filters.

This results in much better rejection of mobile phone interference, maximum reception performance and superior reliability.

This aerial has been built for simple, quick installations using a “no-tools” construction with large thumb-nuts for the mast-clamp. The L28F utilises rugged 4mm diameter wire elements for strength yet low wind loading, securely staked into the 15mm boom avoiding the use of rivets or screws which can loosen.

The L28F Log-Periodic aerial has excellent front/back ratio and directivity with superior impulse noise reduction. The mast clamp is designed to fit 25-50mm (1” to 2”) masts.

The L28F is perfect for strong to low signal areas for digital TV reception. This version of the L28F has been tuned for channels 21-60.

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